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Fra Lauegaardsfamilien
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What is the Lauegaards family?

Basic Information Regarding Family members.

A little about the Ancestors and their Children.

Lauegaard - The Major's Farm.

The yearly family reunion.

Family reunion

A07B02 Peter Lund Koefoeds speech in 1921.

A03B08C04 Hans William Sonne Harilds speech in 1982.

A10B01C04D5 Oluf Hansens speech in 1992.

A11B06C02D2 Vibeke Seehusens speech in 2005.

Ole Edvard Koefoed, memories...

The story of a mother.

The founding father and mothers everyday!

Why is it spelt - Kofod - Kofoed - Koefoed?